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Processing technology of galvanised steel coil

Jul 13, 2023

As a high-quality material, galvanised steel coil is widely used in construction, manufacturing and engineering fields. However, understanding how galvanised steel coils are processed is critical to maximizing their performance and versatility. The processing technology of galvanised steel coil, including cutting, stamping, bending and welding, etc.



Cutting is a common step in the preliminary processing of galvanised steel coils. Through the cutting process, the coil can be cut to the required length and width to meet the requirements of specific projects. Common cutting methods include shearing, cutter, and laser cutting. These methods enable precise, fast cutting of galvanised steel coils, ensuring their dimensional accuracy.



Stamping is a processing method in which a galvanised steel coil is impacted through a die to form a specific shape. Using the stamping process, structures such as holes, grooves and protrusions can be created on the steel coil to meet the requirements of different products. Stamping can also add attractive patterns and textures to galvanised steel coils, providing more design options.



Bending is a processing method that bends galvanised steel coils into desired shapes. Coils can be bent into flat, curved or complex curved shapes by using bending machines or rollers. Bending not only changes the appearance of galvanised steel coils, but also increases their strength and rigidity, making them more suitable for applications such as structures and framing.



Welding is a key process for joining different parts of galvanised steel coils together. Welding can be used to manufacture components, members and structures of galvanised steel coils. Common welding methods include arc welding, argon arc welding, and laser welding. Welding not only provides a strong connection, but also maintains the integrity of the galvanized coating, ensuring its corrosion resistance.


Surface Treatment:

In addition to the above-mentioned processing technology, galvanised steel coil can also improve its performance through surface treatment. Surface preparation includes steps such as oxide removal, grinding and coating to improve the appearance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance of galvanised steel coils. Common surface treatment methods include sandblasting, pickling, and hot-dip galvanizing.


The processing technology of galvanised steel coil is the key to realize its superior performance and versatility. Through processes such as cutting, stamping, bending, welding and surface treatment, galvanised steel coils can be processed into products of various shapes and sizes according to specific needs and project requirements. These processes not only improve the durability and formability of galvanised steel coils, but also provide designers and engineers with more degrees of freedom to deal with different application needs.

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