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  • What product information is required?
  • Purchased product name, product standard number, size, coating and tonnage.

  • What products do we offer?
  • Our product types are mainly 7 categories, galvanized steel plate, galvanized aluminum steel plate, galvanized aluminum-magnesium steel plate, low carbon steel plate, color-coated steel plate, electrical steel and stainless steel plate. Types of steel In addition to steel plates, steel coils and steel strips are also available.

  • Are we a factory?
  • We are manufacturers, engaged in steel products for many years, and cooperate with many well-known steel factories, so we can provide a wide range of products with guaranteed quality, ex-factory prices and timely delivery.

  • What services do we provide?
  • Provide laser cutting services, slitting, heat treatment, surface treatment, application consulting services. All sizes can be customized in our warehouse.
    Send an inquiry to tell us the exact size and material you need and we will respond with a suitable solution within 24 hours.
  • Which shipping ports?
  • We will choose the port with the fastest shipping and the lowest shipping cost based on the customer's address.

  • Delivery time (when the goods leave the factory)?
  • Standard products within 15 days, customized products within 20-30 days.

  • How to package the product?
  • Triple packaging (anti-rust paper + plastic film + corrugated paper), fixed with fumigated wooden pallets, which can effectively protect the product from corrosion during ocean transportation.

  • Operating hours?
  • We will reply within 24 hours.

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