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Cooperate to build a steel plant


In addition to meeting your steel needs, we can also help you build your own steel production line. Our technical team has cooperated with many well-known enterprises, such as BAOSTEEL, WISCO, ANSTEEL, etc. Committed to building you a steel plant that meets your production needs.

The most basic characteristics of a steel mill:

Advanced production process

Perfect and reliable production equipment

Scientific and stable production process


Adopt advanced production equipment:

  • Large-scale equipment

  • Compact layout

  • Production efficiency

  • Intelligent control

  • management information

Make full use of the computer system to establish a unified computer production management system from commodity ordering-production-factory-delivery-delivery


According to the site selection, design an efficient production layout and build a green and environmentally friendly factory environment. Set up efficient production processes according to your needs.

Cooperation Process:

1. First consultation: tell us the main products you want to produce and the annual production volume requirements

2. Communication details: site selection, site understanding, budget and other communication

3. Feasibility plan: according to the demand, make a feasibility plan report, the overall plant and supporting design

4. Specific implementation: assist in the factory's environmental permit/approval application from regulatory agencies, on-site land survey, recruitment of construction personnel, plant construction, equipment ordering, installation, and commissioning

5. After-sales: technical support in the later stage, provision of raw materials


The above is the general process, please consult our professional and technical personnel for details. Create a high-productivity, high-quality, environmentally friendly and low-cost steel mill for you.

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