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About the development history of galvanized steel

Dec 18, 2020

Galvanized steel is ordinary steel with a layer of galvanizing and is the preferred construction material due to its low initial cost, high strength, good performance, and ease of maintenance. Galvanized steel manufacturers have a centuries-old history of innovation, making galvanized steel one of the world's most important building materials and structural components.


 In 1742, a paper by a French chemist named PJ Melouin was presented to the Royal Academy of France describing how a zinc coating could be formed by dipping iron into molten zinc. Interest in Melouin's discovery quickly spread to the rest of the scientific community, eventually leading to its first application as an inexpensive protective coating for household appliances.


In 1824, the Cornish chemist Sir Humphry Davy, known for his work on electrical isolation, introduced metal corrosion and metal protection using two different metals. He reasoned that the bottoms of wooden naval ships made of copper could be protected from corrosion by attaching zinc or iron plates to them. They can also be protected with zinc when steel is used in place of the copper base. This led to the first possible use of galvanized corrugated iron by the Navy at Pembroke Docks in Wales in 1844. This observation pushed the galvanizing process into the industrial realm after two other inventions made the galvanizing process possible.


By 1850, the British galvanizing industry was using 10,000 tons of zinc a year to protect iron. During this time, many metal engineers produced materials that eventually branded "electroplating" in the global lexicon.


Today, galvanizing remains one of the primary methods of combating steel corrosion in harsh working environments across industries and markets. Galvanized steel has not only become a necessity in the agricultural, automotive, furniture, manufacturing, power transmission, storage, transportation and utility industries – it is used for much more than that. Wherever reliable structural strength is required at optimum cost, galvanized steel is the material of choice.


What used to be just for corrosion protection is now also good for durability, versatility, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and even aesthetics.



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