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Why are more and more items made of steel?

Sep 26, 2022

In our daily life, steel supplies have become an indispensable part of us. So why choose steel? Steel is a material that is processed into various shapes, sizes and properties that we need from ingots, billets or steel. It has been widely used in engineering, mainly because steel has the following characteristics:


1. The steel material has high strength, light weight and high strength, which can increase the safety reserve of steel structure buildings; light weight, easy to transport and install, so steel structures are especially suitable for structures with large spans, high heights and large loads. A structure that is mobile and requires assembly and disassembly.


2. The steel has good plasticity and high toughness. Good plasticity can adjust the peak stress of local components, so that the stress can be distributed, and the ductility of the components can be improved, thereby improving the seismic capacity of the steel structure building. High toughness can prevent cracks and brittle fractures from accidental overloading or local overloading, but the deformation increases, so it is easy to be detected and repaired in time.


3. The steel has good airtight performance. The steel itself has a dense structure. When it is connected by welding, rivets or bolts, it is easy to be tight and not leaking. Therefore, steel is a good material for manufacturing containers, especially high-pressure containers, large oil depots, gas tanks, and oil pipelines.


4. Good cold working performance Good cold working performance can ensure that cracks and brittle fractures do not occur in steel structural components during processing, and the strength, plasticity and toughness will not be greatly affected by processing.


5. The steel has good welding performance and good weldability. Under certain process and structural conditions, the steel can obtain good performance after welding, which greatly simplifies the connection of the steel structure and can meet the needs of manufacturing various complex structures.


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