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The difference between carbon steel and stainless steel

Aug 25, 2020

Carbon steel and stainless steel are widely used in various industries. New contacts may wonder how to choose between the two? It really depends on your usage. The main differences between the two are as follows:

1. Different colors: stainless steel contains more chromium and nickel metals, and the appearance color is silver and bright. Carbon steel is mainly carbon and iron alloys, and other metal elements are relatively few. The main color of the appearance is the color of iron, and the color will be much darker.

2. Different textures: stainless steel contains many other metal elements, and the surface is smooth, carbon steel contains more iron and carbon nia, and has the essence of iron, and the surface is not as smooth as stainless steel.

3. Different magnetism: The surface of carbon steel is magnetic and can be attracted by magnets. Stainless steel is not magnetic under normal circumstances and will not be attracted by magnets.

4. Different carbon elements: carbon steel mainly refers to the steel whose mechanical properties depend on the carbon content of the steel, and generally does not add a large amount of alloying metal elements. The carbon content WC is less than 2%. In order to maintain corrosion resistance, the carbon content of stainless steel is are lower, with a maximum of no more than 1.2%.

5. Different alloy content: carbon steel contains very few alloying elements, only a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus. Stainless steel contains a lot of gold elements, and the main chromium and nickel elements exceed 12%.

6. Different corrosion resistance: carbon steel contains less alloying elements and weak corrosion resistance, while stainless steel contains more chromium-nickel metal, which has strong corrosion resistance.

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