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Steel plate cutting methods and services

Nov 16, 2021

In recent years, the most concerned issue of steel sheets buyers has become where to buy steel plates, and it has become that steel plate suppliers can provide cutting services. Three years ago, our sales manager realized the need, so we contracted plate manufacturing services with several well-known steel product manufacturers in China. If you have any specific requirements for steel plate cutting, rolling and welding preparation, we take care of everything from plate fabrication to delivery.


Flame cutting: Flame cutting equipment is low cost and the only cost-effective means of cutting thick metal sheets, but it has its shortcomings when it comes to thin sheet cutting. Compared with plasma, the heat affected zone of flame cutting is much larger, and the thermal deformation is relatively large.


Laser cutting: Laser cutting equipment can cut stainless steel below 4mm, and oxygen can be added to the laser beam to cut carbon steel with a thickness of 20mm, but a thin oxide film will be formed on the cutting surface after oxygen-added cutting. The maximum thickness of the cut can be increased to 20mm.


Wire cutting: Wire EDM is referred to as wire cutting. It is developed on the basis of EDM perforation and forming. It has not only developed the application of EDM, but also replaced EDM perforation and forming in some aspects.


Shearing machine: The shearing machine uses a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade to apply shearing force to metal sheets of various thicknesses with a reasonable blade gap, so that the sheets are broken and separated according to the required size. Shearing machine is a kind of forging machinery, and its main function is the metal processing industry.


Plasma cutting machine: Plasma cutting is a processing method that uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to melt (and evaporate) the metal part or part of the incision of the workpiece, and uses the momentum of high-speed plasma to remove the molten metal to form an incision.


Ultra-high pressure water cutting: Ultra-high pressure water cutting, also known as water jet and water jet, is a high-energy (380MPa) water flow generated by ordinary water after multi-stage pressurization, and then passes through a very fine ruby ​​nozzle (Φ0. 1-0.35mm), jet cutting at a speed of nearly one kilometer per second, this cutting method is called ultra-high pressure water cutting.


The overlapping thickness ranges and capabilities of these several processes make it difficult to choose which one to use on any particular mild steel part. Therefore, manufacturers or steel service centers that need to be able to cut a variety of materials often use machines equipped with two or more cutting processes. Sometimes the only way to determine which process is best for a particular part is to try a few different methods and see which one works best.


The ability to supply almost any shape from large steel plates gives WANJUAN Steel the flexibility to meet customer needs.

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