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Steel Coil Cut-to-length Service

Oct 26, 2022

Whether it's delivering high-quality steel products to customers or focusing on custom finishing and machining capabilities, our services revolve around steel. In addition to steel processing services, we also provide finishing services including: pre-painted steel, embossed steel, perforated steel, refined steel.


We offer three main machining services in our state-of-the-art steel machining centers: slitting, blanking/multi-blanking, toll machining and cut-to-length services. Below is a detailed description of our steel cut-to-length services and feel free to contact us for a quote.


Steel cut-to-length production line

Our cut-to-length machines have length tolerances between +/- 0.015" and +/- 0.031" of dry steel. We offer incredibly precise lengths designed to meet your exact project specifications for the perfect flat sheet. Our machines use straighteners to expand the steel material beyond its yield point. During processing, we will relieve internal stress and produce precise flat steel plates.


We offer process painted and surface critical sheets, we can also add protective films (peelable) and oil to your products. We provide cut-to-length services for all steel products including: cold rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, electrical steel.


Types of Steel Cut-to-Length Cutting Machines

The steel cut-to-length process is very simple. Our technicians process flattened steel plate production lines according to customer orders. The machine cuts the material to the specified length and we can produce straight cross cut, multi blanking, trapezoidal cut or rolling line.


Three main types of cut-to-length cutting machines:

Travel Feed Line: A machine that uses a rotary and coding machine to continuously move the sheet through a circulation pit, while only stopping the coil when it is sheared. Stopping straightening while machining steel leaves marks, which are eliminated thanks to this machine.

Flying shears: First unpack the sheet coil and place it on the revolving door. Then we put the steel on a cool cart and put it on the coiler. We will perform a test cut and then process the order to your desired specifications.

Feed stop line: The metal plate runs purely below the limit switch, and it slopes or humps up slightly as it travels through the machine. It is for this reason that this type of wire is also called a hump wire. The machine cuts the sheet on the machine in the middle.


Advantages of cut-to-length steel processing

Reduced Processing Time: Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art machines help us fill orders quickly so you can receive the materials you need and reduce lead times.

Reduced scrap: Compared to blanking, we don't have to worry about scrap metal because we cut to precise dimensions.

Reduce transaction costs and simplify orders: Once we have your order specifications, we can quickly fill orders for quick turnaround and lower costs for our customers.


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