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Prepainted Steel Sheet Processing Service

Jul 12, 2022

Prepainted Steel Coils: Metal that has been cleaned, treated, painted and cured for corrosion-resistant durability. It is one of four different types of finishing available for steel products:





What is Color coated steel coil in this process, and what advantages does it have.


What is Prepainted Steel?

Prepainted steel is a durable and cost-effective option for construction and manufacturing companies. Its customizable colors and finishes offer businesses a wide range of options to suit their needs.


Manufacturers manufacture pre-painted steel through a coil coating process. It involves cleaning the metal coil, chemically treating both sides, painting several coats, and curing it in an oven. The multi-layer painting process includes your choice of primer, topcoat and finish color.


With this uniform application, pre-painted steel is both corrosion-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. This is an excellent choice for companies looking to save space, material and labor costs.


Advantages of pre-painted steel

Color-coated steel has several advantages over the post-coated process. These include time, money and labor. Also, painted steel has better appearance appeal and customization.



While other products only last for a dozen years at most, pre-painted steel does not need to be replaced for more than 50 years. This is an investment in your final product. The incredible longevity of this product offsets any upfront cost of purchasing pre-painted steel. Plus, little maintenance is required. Say goodbye to recurring labor costs and annual inspections. Once it opens, it's done.



Prepaints are not only long-lasting, they are virtually maintenance-free. Companies can rest assured that the products they bring to market will not require frequent maintenance. This frees up more time to focus on production, sales and distribution.



Painted steel is one of the most versatile products available today. From color, shape, texture, metal type, and even paint coat thickness, pre-painted steel can meet business needs.

You can customize the prepainted steel coil for your project here, contact us today.

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