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How to maintain steel

Sep 26, 2022

Steel is a product that is currently used in many industries. It is not only widely used in the construction industry, but also frequently used in other industries. When many manufacturers buy steel coils or steel plates, they will buy them in large quantities because the price is relatively cheap, but how to store the excess steel coils? Below are some of our storage considerations.


Usually after we buy steel, we choose to store it in the warehouse. When choosing a warehouse for storing steel, we must choose a clean, clean and well-drained place. In sunny days, it is best to keep the warehouse well ventilated, and it is necessary to do moisture-proof work in rainy days.


When storing steel plates, we must follow the principles of reasonable stacking and first-in-class placement. We can classify and stack steels of different varieties and specifications, which can avoid the occurrence of steel confusion and even mutual corrosion. When stacking steel, it must be stable and pay attention to safety to prevent the steel plate from slipping and so on.


Generally, steel will be coated with various preservatives and packaging, which can prevent the steel from rusting. When we load, unload and transport steel, do not damage it. If the steel is exposed to rain or accidentally stained, we can choose the appropriate method to clean it according to the unused nature of the steel. After the steel is stored in the warehouse, we also need to check it frequently to prevent rust and other conditions.


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