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Electrical steel, a seriously undervalued product

Mar 19, 2021

Electrical steel is an indispensable and important soft magnetic alloy in the electric power and electrical industries.


Non-oriented electrical steel has a high proportion of applications, and the main application fields include large motors, household appliances, small and medium motors, automotive motors and new energy drive motors.


Grain-oriented electrical steel is mainly used in the manufacture of various types of transformers, reactors, transformers and other cores.


Focus: Non-oriented silicon steel


Demand structure: 40% for home appliances, 20% for small and medium motors in the industrial field, 13% for large motors, 8% for new energy vehicles and others; The five-year compound annual growth rate is about 40%.


Because the energy efficiency of electric motors and electrical products depends to a large extent on the electromagnetic properties of electrical steel. In addition, under the background of "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality" in my country, the requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction are increasing, and the country has put forward strict requirements for the energy efficiency upgrade of transformers, motors, and household appliances. The improvement of standards will also increase the demand for high-grade non-oriented silicon steel, while the market for low-end products will gradually be eroded.


The rapid development of new energy vehicles will provide a very rapid increase in demand for high-grade non-oriented electrical steel.

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