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Construction Steel in New Zealand

Jun 22, 2022

Whether residential or commercial, the durability of galvanized steel has made it popular in the construction industry for over a century. It was also chosen to be built for its aesthetics; the "gloss" provided by galvanized steel gives it a contemporary feel and is popular in modern architectural design. In addition, it is not only used for large structural parts, but also for fences, gutters, rails, pipes, utility poles, etc.


We are proud to partner with Les Mckenzie in New Zealand to supply galvanised steel coil for home construction. 2021.10.06 Contacted us for the first time through our official website, we have cooperated twice, and ordered a total of 135 tons of products. At present, the third cooperation is being communicated.

Les Mckenzie said that it is a pleasure to work with us, the professionalism is high, the product quality is high, and it is a pleasure to continue to cooperate with us.

hot dipped galvanized steel coils

The benefits of galvanized steel coil


There are so many reasons why galvanized steel is used in so many different industries. It has a lot of benefits and these industries take advantage of them. Benefits include:


Low initial cost compared to most other treated steels.

Lower maintenance costs (also saves repair and replacement time) compared to most other coated steels.

Improve the durability of the finished steel product, thereby increasing the reliability of the product.

Galvanized steel is highly protective, including sharp corners and grooves that other coatings cannot. This means it is resistant to damage.

Self-healing - means that the galvanized coating includes automatic protection of damaged areas. The coating will preferentially corrode the steel, providing sacrificial protection for damaged areas.

Galvanized steel is ready to use on delivery. It requires no additional surface preparation, inspection, painting/coating, etc.


Contact us to inquire about hot dipped galvanized steel coils.

If you are not sure about the application of galvanized steel in house construction, we also have professional designers and builders specializing in steel frame houses.

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