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Color coated steel product application

Aug 10, 2022

Color-coated steel should be widely used in life, and painted steel is an indispensable part of the products we use every day. Here are some common industry applications:

pre-painted steel coils


Painted steel is a smart choice for roofing. These durable panels can last over 50 years. Painted steel roofs are also heat resistant and low maintenance, allowing companies to save on associated costs. For those looking to go green, metal roofs may help with LEED certification.


At the same time painted steel can be cut into any shape, including tiles, tiles and slate. Versatility to meet your diverse needs.


Garage Door

Garage doors need to be strong. Pre-painted steel makes it a reality. Painted garage doors are a new market trend that is extremely attractive to consumers. Those tired of traditional white or metallic roller shutter doors will find that painted steel offers more color, texture and style - and lasts longer! More durable, sustainable and beautiful at the same time.


Heating and Air Conditioning

Expensive appliances like heating and cooling systems make our lives more comfortable during brutal summers and cold winters. But these machines tend to encounter extreme situations. The tough exterior of pre-painted steel protects the heating and air conditioning system from the elements. Its corrosion resistance means long-lasting protection for years to come.


Lighting and Appliances

Just like garage doors, consumers and manufacturers alike are flocking to painted steel lighting and appliances. And for many of the same reasons. From an aesthetic standpoint, pre-painted steel not only offers dozens of styles, colors and finishes, but it also has practical benefits.


So what electrical appliances are color steel plates used for? Take these examples:


Lamps and Accessories



Small appliances such as microwaves, blenders, and blenders


Other uses

In addition to the above list, prepainted steel is also used in the following products:







Car Door

Engine Parts



Electrical Parts

Building Wall

Color-coated steel covers construction, automotive, consumer goods and many other industries. If durability and aesthetics are your company's goals, these advantages are well worth the investment.


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