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Color coated steel plate substrate selection

Jul 08, 2021

The substrates of color coated steel plates generally include hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized, galvanized and other substrates.

There are newly developed zinc-aluminum-magnesium substrate color-coated steel plates. The weight of the coating is not only the same thickness on both sides

There are also different thickness coatings on both sides.


Aluminum zinc steel plated substrate: The coating composition of this product is roughly 55% aluminum, 1.5% silicon, and the rest is zinc. It is characterized by excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance, which is 2-6 times that of galvanized sheet, and has excellent corrosion resistance. It also has the high temperature corrosion resistance of aluminum plate, the surface is smooth, and the appearance is good, but the forming and welding of the coating are slightly worse. It is suitable for making building outer panels, and can be processed at various levels such as general molding and mechanical bite.


Hot-dip galvanized steel plate substrate: hot-dip galvanized here refers to hot-dip pure zinc, which is the most widely used in construction. It has been widely used in the construction industry before it was used as a color-coated substrate, and is currently a color-coated substrate for construction main species. Excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for making building panels. Various levels of processing such as general forming, stamping, and deep drawing can be performed.


Electro-galvanized substrate: The purity of the coating is high, so the corrosion resistance of the coating under the same thickness is better than that of hot-dip galvanized products. According to the test, according to the American standard (ASTM B 114) under the same conditions, the anti-red rust time of one micron coating: electrogalvanizing is 12 hours, while hot-dip galvanizing is less than 10 hours. However, it is very difficult to obtain a thick electro-galvanized coating (high power consumption, high cost, and technical difficulty). As a color-coated substrate, electro-galvanizing is also mainly used in home appliances, steel furniture, doors and windows, etc.

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