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China Steel Coil Stock Supplier

Dec 20, 2021

If your industry requires the use of steel coils, our steel coil suppliers can help. WANJUAN serves all over the world, supplying coils of different sizes and grades, always prioritizing customer experience. Contact our team today to find out more about our coils and what we can do for you.


Steel coils are used in a variety of industries, as the metal is ideal for building panels, walls, roof panels, power stations, ships, and a variety of other projects and construction endeavors. In addition to different sizes of coils, there are two different main types:


Cold rolled steel coil. Cold rolled steel is a more finished product that not only looks better, has a smoother finish, but is more durable than hot rolled steel. This steel is made by further processing hot rolled steel. Cold-rolled steel has superior properties compared to hot-rolled steel, but can be more difficult to handle than hot-rolled steel due to its higher carbon content.

Hot rolled steel coil. Hot-rolled coil is formed almost exactly as the name suggests: the steel is rolled at high temperatures, which makes the steel easier to handle, resulting in an easier-to-use product. Because the manufacturing process of hot rolled steel involves less processing, it is generally much cheaper than cold rolled coil.


Industries we work with

We work with companies in the construction industry and are happy to customize steel coils for your business.


We provide bulk supply of steel coils, types include: galvanized steel coils, electrical steel coils, stainless steel coils, color steel, etc. When you order from us, we not only provide high quality steel coils, but in time to meet your project deadlines and meet your expectations.

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